Monday, 21 December 2015

Hiya pals.

So it's been longer than a while....

Basically my life turned upside down in 2013 but luckily I can now say...Thank God!

In a nutshell:

Relationship breakdown
Moved home
Learned to drive (FINALLY faced the fear!)
Started a career (in hospitality which takes up ALL your time)

This blog will now not only focus on my art life but on what takes up most of my time and that is whisky and my love for the country that I live in - Scotland.

I've been wanting to do a tourism focused blog for a while now and finally decided to go for it and force myself to not waste the little days off that I have.

So we go.

I'll be featuring posts about arts & crafts, distilleries and places to visit in Scotland, new whiskies that I've tried, where to eat and just my general antics.

Watch this space kids.

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Est Loves


I found out this morning that Origami_Est has featured me on 
day 8 of her Est Loves series over on her instagram

Esther purchased a draft excluder  from me a few months ago for her new home on the coast and it's fair to say that she was pretty chuffed with it..

which equals a happy me.

Esther's origami is aaaaamazing so check it out...PLUS her proceeds go towards Stop the Traffik!!!

Thank you so, so much to Esther for her wonderfully awesome review!

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

free UK shipping

Photo: We're offering free UK shipping...only until xmas!

Better head over to my etsy quick in order to get items for xmas delivery  

You heard right..
We're offering free UK shipping over on our etsy until christmas!!!

Better head over quick as some of these items have a limited amount available!
(It's always good to take advantage of something for free)

Offset 57

This is crazy.. I'm actually sticking to blogging (for once)..

Here's hoping someone out there is actually reading.

Tomorrow is the launch of another exciting Offset 57 pop up shop in Aberdeen and this is the first one I've put work to.  Pretty exciting and these guys are amazing.  Awesome work and also a non-profit organisation supporting the arts!!

Whey to go!

Please, please, please (not that I'm begging) 
but pleeeeease check it out!