Monday, 13 December 2010

Just for you Mr Byers

By dear friend Paul has been on my case this evening for not posting anything since 2nd December.  Well here goes. :P haha.

I finally got around to making some Russian Doll necklaces for Coco Violet in Aberdeen (Sheena has been asking them for a while......eeep) but they are finally there on sale.  There is currently 3 in stock at £40 each.  Check them out quick before they go....

*photos are a bit pants but was in a rush....will update a better photo soon.

Hope you're happy Paul.

Friday, 3 December 2010

New Brooch packaging

I was starting to get incredibly fed up of taking brooches out of boxes and putting them back into boxes at craft fairs.......irritatingly time consuming and the boxes are making my table look too hectic.  So in a bid to make your eyes (and mine) feel less confused when looking at my work at a fair.....I have decided to re-package some of my work.........

Thursday, 2 December 2010

For your christmas tree

New products for your christmas tree.  Available at Tea Cosy, Rosemount Community Centre, Aberdeen

Robin (set of 2), 'Love' Heart (set of 2), 'Noel' Heart (set of 2) - £5
Xmas Pudding (set of 2) - £7

Sunday, 28 November 2010

WOW.....Rowan Mersh

I just found the work of Rowan Mersh online and its AMAZING.

Truly inspiring textile's pushing me back into thinking about applying for a Masters in Textiles. hmm....

It's time for tea...

It's that time of year again.....TEA COSY. 

Organised by the lovely Sally and Claire of SMART Consultants, we will be taking part in the Celebrate Rosemount project in Aberdeen.  Come along and buy some xmas pressies (or a cheeky gift for yourself).....I've been lucky again in being chosen to sell work along some amazing artists and designers, such as Gabi-Reith Thompson, Aubin Stewart and Anne Marquiss to name a few.  Can't wait to see everyone again.

My Sniffletown hanky houses will be back too........with a special xmas 25% OFF offer.  So get them at £35 only at Tea Cosy this weekend, 4th December.  

Saturday, 20 November 2010

An owl isn't just for Christmas...

Some folk may say I can be a bit of a scrooge but I'm strangely in a wee festive mood and have decided to cheer up my Mither Ools during this winter chill with a wee santa hat.  The hats are easily cut off (and sewn on again..surely you all own a needle & thread) so they can be loved all year round too.

To buy the first Santa Ools...come along to Cornhill Village Hall tomorrow between 1-5pm (21st Nov 2010).  Have a fly cup (cuppa tea and a fancy piece to all you non-doric talking folk) and spend those pennies on some xmas pressies for all your loved ones.


Tuesday, 19 October 2010

The Biscuit Factory and a Saab

The other week, the manfriend and I went on a road trip in a 27year old Saab car....surprise surprise, mainly just to see how far the car would actually go.  Amazingly it managed to travel 1756 miles within a few days from N.E. Scotland to Cardiff, Torquay and London....but also to a much needed visit to The Biscuit Factory in Newcastle where some of my work has been on show since June.  It's fair to say I got very excited when I saw my name on a poster for the Autumn Show - Textiles (I'm easily amused).  I also got a copy of their catalogue in the post last week so things are looking pretty damn good at the moment.  Fingers crossed it keeps going.

We spent HOURS driving around London to take a photo of the Saab outside the Ace made Ian INCREDIBLY happy though. I got my own back by dragging him round the Tate Modern (which I honestly regretted as I was also not very impressed by the work..dammit) haha xxx

Bankfield Museum

I finally got my embroidery completed (after much frustration and many restless nights) so the works for the Christmas Show at Bankfield Museum, Halifax arrived safely today and all ready for the opening on the 6th November.  So check it out between then and the end of January.  Other items of mine that'll be on show are my Shipwrecked bottles, patchwork cushions, my wee owls and a selection of jewellery.  Really, really happy with the embroidery though...I suprised myself once more.

"Barn Owl" Free Hand Embroidery £450

Erin-bear's Mobile

Congratulations to my good friends Sayrah and Craig with the arrival of wee Erin a few weeks ago.  I made this "Erin's Sweet Dreams" mobile especially for her and apparently she loves it already.  Little play on words least she'll be familiar with the birds and the bees, haha.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Time to blog...

So this is my first ever blog.  Feels a bit weird but what the hey.

I've just had a look at some of my work on Card and Gift blog by the lovely Charlotte. Some amazingly kind words which really made me smile.  

Currently should be working on a new embroidery for the Christmas Show at Bankfield Museum, Halifax but as per usual.....have been distracted by the internet. uh oh.  Just to give you an idea of what it might end up looking like (but without the giant bird and cage).....

 The bee-eater embroidery was part of my "The Alpha Male" work for a joint exhibition with Kirsty Anderson, aka. wooden tree, at the Foyer Gallery in Aberdeen which was AMAZING!

New piece is going to be an owl....or its attempting to be an owl at the moment.  Fingers crossed anyway.