Tuesday, 19 October 2010

The Biscuit Factory and a Saab

The other week, the manfriend and I went on a road trip in a 27year old Saab car....surprise surprise, mainly just to see how far the car would actually go.  Amazingly it managed to travel 1756 miles within a few days from N.E. Scotland to Cardiff, Torquay and London....but also to a much needed visit to The Biscuit Factory in Newcastle where some of my work has been on show since June.  It's fair to say I got very excited when I saw my name on a poster for the Autumn Show - Textiles (I'm easily amused).  I also got a copy of their catalogue in the post last week so things are looking pretty damn good at the moment.  Fingers crossed it keeps going.

We spent HOURS driving around London to take a photo of the Saab outside the Ace Cafe...it made Ian INCREDIBLY happy though. I got my own back by dragging him round the Tate Modern (which I honestly regretted as I was also not very impressed by the work..dammit) haha xxx

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