Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Gift Tags....Available soon

"Santa Ools" Gift Tags
£1.50 - pack of 4 

Christmas Card Packs....Available soon

 "Old School Xmas" card - £6.00 (pack of 5)
"Cupcake Xmas" card - £6.00 (pack of 5)

"Santa Ools" card - £5.00 (pack of 5)
"Robin" card - £5.00 (pack of 5)
"Ornate Barley" cards - £2.50 (pack of 3)

All cards are blank inside with envelopes.
All designs are printed from original hand illustrated or hand sewn designs by Lyndsey Gray.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

And now for something completely different..

Are you fed up of those glitter bombed festive cards...

Well I decided it's time for something a little bit different.  It still has a clear message of Christmas cheer but lacks that traditional blah. Not that I'm not a fan of that...there's only so many snowmen I care to receive in the post however.

Hope you like.

These will soon be available on my etsy and will be featuring at The Apple Fell Down's stand at the upcoming Tea Cosy event in Aberdeen.  Check it out...there's some awesome vendors joining me, as always.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Buzzzzzzzzy bee

Dress & Wayfarer hat - H&M; Boots - New Look; 
Cardigan - handknitted by Mother Gray in the 70s;
"My Honey Bee" necklace - The Apple Fell Down 
I've decided that my beloved bees needed to be out in the open rather than hiding away as a bracelet.  Just in time for Arresting.  Hope everyone likes.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

sneaky peek...hush hush

This a wee capture of some of the photographs I'm showing at "Arresting" pop up gallery with my fellow residents at Cultivating Creativity.  Come along on 23rd-25th September at the Academy Shopping Centre in Aberdeen to see the real deal.  Works will be shown by Anne Marquiss, Helen Greensmith of Helen Ruth Scarves, Isabelle Randall, Libby Day and Anne Murray to name a few.

Monday, 29 August 2011

Falling Out and Brian Cox

Duncan of Jordanstone have just opened a new Visual Effects Research Lab in Dundee....and I'm so jealous that some of the guys from TBA got to meet Brian Cox.  So amazing to see Ian and Matt's film Falling Out being advertised on STV news aswell....woohoo!

Also check out Matt Cameron's work (Matt's on the right next to Mr Cox)....his Visual FX are stunning!

Sunday, 6 March 2011


Since the imaginative section of my brain is currently lost (if found, please post it to me) I decided to spend my time making one of my favourite hanky houses "Sniffletown".

I have fallen in love with the black one....therefore it's staying with me =)

Old Snow

Fisheye Love

Saturday, 19 February 2011

This Is Performance Art

This week has been filled with inspiration and today I felt the need to blog and write down some very much welcome ideas.

Last sunday evening I was delighted to go see Imelda May at the Liquid Rooms, Edinburgh...words can't even describe how AMAZING it was and by far one of the best gigs I've ever had the privilige to attend - Imelda was stunning in both voice and presence and the band too were fantastic could almost feel the Irish charm and their personalites oozing out from the stage.  The Liquid Rooms is also a tiny venue that creates a beautiful sense of Imelda stated "We love playing these gigs 'cause it feels like a pub a good way.  I can see all of you".  Not many gigs will see Imelda singing along with a member of the audience.  Epic.

That weekend, I cultured my wee mind out in several galleries including several hours spent at the National Gallery (probably the first time I've found myself inspired by those paintings...I must be growing up, ha).

You'd think I'd had enough for the week but no, no, no.  I heard, unfortunately at very short notice, that there was going to be a Performance Festival taking ABERDEEN.  Who'd have thought, therefore I could not miss out on this opportunity.  Annoyingly I only managed to catch the performances on the Friday (18th Feb) evening at Citymoves.  What can I glad I caught even that.  It was also brilliant timing as Diane Arbus' photography is currently showing at the Aberdeen Art Gallery.  I've admired her work for a long time, therefore was ecstatic about finally seeing it in person.

The festival featured the Black Market International.... a talented group of performance artists.  Norbert Klassen's slot was filled in by a group performance due to him being crititcally ill.  An unrehearsed, spontanious and beautifully organic group performance that lasted for around 45minutes was both terrifying and poignant at the same time.  You could feel the tension and the worry that they all held for their ill colleague but also the support that they all gave each other through a series of copied movements; even with such a spontaneous performance.  The fragility of the situation was also shown, mainly through the act of teacups falling to the floor after the artist painfully tried to support them at arm's lengths for a long period of time.  Each artist was creating their individual performances yet completely aware of each other. A painfully beautiful performance.

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Emily Carr

Last night I FINALLY catched up with a friend who had been away living in Vancouver last year and she was telling me about this amazing street next to an art school that made her think of was full of shops with fabric and wool and I was incredibly jealous!!!!  She then mentioned the fact that the art school was Emily Carr University of Art and my jaws dropped! Totally small world because this summer, when I worked at Glenfiddich Distillery, I got to meet Damian Moppett, one of 2010's artists in residence who is actually a tutor at Emily Carr.  She had probably served him at some point at her work, which was round the corner. haha.

All these amazing stories about Canada has got me thinking about applying for a course over there instead.  Eek. 

Damian's sculpture that he produced last summer was amazing!  I do recall Andy saying to me..."if you want something to look awesome, paint it black!"  Words I will remember.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

New Year....Get Going

This fine and chilly evening I found myself waiting for an email from my lovely friend in Dundee, Nicola to fill in the time I managed to hunt down her blog.  I now find myself sitting in my house, as per usual, doing nothing. Nothing.  

Cut to the chase - maybe it's time to get active with the artwork again.  I've got into an awfully bad habit of talking and not doing (habit of a lifetime) and it's got to stop.  I felt awful looking at my friends blog to see how much work and different disciplines she seems to be getting on with...and is AMAZING at all of them and here I am...sitting, waiting, watching paint dry (if I were watching actual paint least it would mean I was doing something).  Time to stop being so negative before I get started, pick up my boots and get a life.

So thank you to Nicola for making me jealous.

Monday, 3 January 2011

Ornate Barley

I heart scarves.......why the hell don't I make them

I have decided, in order to build up a portfolio for a Masters, to design some scarf squares.  Let me know what you think.....they're in the early stages at the moment.  Inspiration has been drawn from barley fields - having spent many years working in a's by time it inspired me :)