Saturday, 15 January 2011

Emily Carr

Last night I FINALLY catched up with a friend who had been away living in Vancouver last year and she was telling me about this amazing street next to an art school that made her think of was full of shops with fabric and wool and I was incredibly jealous!!!!  She then mentioned the fact that the art school was Emily Carr University of Art and my jaws dropped! Totally small world because this summer, when I worked at Glenfiddich Distillery, I got to meet Damian Moppett, one of 2010's artists in residence who is actually a tutor at Emily Carr.  She had probably served him at some point at her work, which was round the corner. haha.

All these amazing stories about Canada has got me thinking about applying for a course over there instead.  Eek. 

Damian's sculpture that he produced last summer was amazing!  I do recall Andy saying to me..."if you want something to look awesome, paint it black!"  Words I will remember.


  1. I bought one of your wee owls over at Stewart's yesterday as a gift for my friend's birthday. I wanted something made in Scotland that was also about the countryside we live in here in Moray. It is beautiful and I hope soon to be able to buy one for me and the hanky house though I did think it was a home for the owl, silly me!

  2. Haha, lots of people mistake what the hanky house is. :) You may put your owl in the house if you want's totally up to you.

    That's brilliant to hear, thank you. I hope she likes it!