Monday, 30 September 2013


I've had a pretty up and down year so apologies for being so quiet as of late.. I had a very unexpected move back home 6 months ago but things are good. I'm happy and looking forward to being a positive little monkey. Big shout to all my friends and family who have been the best support a girl could ask for :)

Anyhooo....This weekend I took part in an awesome event in Aberdeen called PLAYpark set up by SMART Consultants.  It was a roaring success.  It was great to see families enjoying their time together (away from computer games) and to see a space such as the Rubislaw Terrace Gardens being utilised in such a positive manner.  Mother Gray was excited from the very start as she used to visit No.20 on Rubislaw Terrace for holidays when she was a wee quine so I was very proud to have her see me show my wares in a place that brought back such fond memories for her.

The event was featured on STV..and highlights were definately the Hattiesburg Chess by John Walter and the Hoop Raarrr! by Gabi Reith and Phil Thompson. Fun for all ages!!!  It was great to also see some of my fellow Tea Cosy vendors as well as some lovely new faces!

Overall it was a great weekend with lots of positive feedback.  Here's to the future.

...Oh, and there was the cutest little eleven week old Jackawauwau called Aubin said "a big name for a little dog". We all had to stop ourselves from making high pitched squeaks and aaawhs (we failed).