Sunday, 8 December 2013

Est Loves


I found out this morning that Origami_Est has featured me on 
day 8 of her Est Loves series over on her instagram

Esther purchased a draft excluder  from me a few months ago for her new home on the coast and it's fair to say that she was pretty chuffed with it..

which equals a happy me.

Esther's origami is aaaaamazing so check it out...PLUS her proceeds go towards Stop the Traffik!!!

Thank you so, so much to Esther for her wonderfully awesome review!

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

free UK shipping

Photo: We're offering free UK shipping...only until xmas!

Better head over to my etsy quick in order to get items for xmas delivery  

You heard right..
We're offering free UK shipping over on our etsy until christmas!!!

Better head over quick as some of these items have a limited amount available!
(It's always good to take advantage of something for free)

Offset 57

This is crazy.. I'm actually sticking to blogging (for once)..

Here's hoping someone out there is actually reading.

Tomorrow is the launch of another exciting Offset 57 pop up shop in Aberdeen and this is the first one I've put work to.  Pretty exciting and these guys are amazing.  Awesome work and also a non-profit organisation supporting the arts!!

Whey to go!

Please, please, please (not that I'm begging) 
but pleeeeease check it out!

Friday, 8 November 2013

The Owl and The Pussycat

I'm incredibly overdue in blogging about this (surprise, surprise) 

This was an awesome commission from a customer a little while ago.

I've been making my fabric boats in bottles for a while but it was great to change the design to an owl and a pussycat theme.

Best thing..

Sara loved it.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

In Your Home

This might be a silly idea...

I thought I'd have a go at pairing my wares up with other items on the 
market to show how they would work in your home.

Good idea?

Monday, 4 November 2013

Monday, 30 September 2013


I've had a pretty up and down year so apologies for being so quiet as of late.. I had a very unexpected move back home 6 months ago but things are good. I'm happy and looking forward to being a positive little monkey. Big shout to all my friends and family who have been the best support a girl could ask for :)

Anyhooo....This weekend I took part in an awesome event in Aberdeen called PLAYpark set up by SMART Consultants.  It was a roaring success.  It was great to see families enjoying their time together (away from computer games) and to see a space such as the Rubislaw Terrace Gardens being utilised in such a positive manner.  Mother Gray was excited from the very start as she used to visit No.20 on Rubislaw Terrace for holidays when she was a wee quine so I was very proud to have her see me show my wares in a place that brought back such fond memories for her.

The event was featured on STV..and highlights were definately the Hattiesburg Chess by John Walter and the Hoop Raarrr! by Gabi Reith and Phil Thompson. Fun for all ages!!!  It was great to also see some of my fellow Tea Cosy vendors as well as some lovely new faces!

Overall it was a great weekend with lots of positive feedback.  Here's to the future.

...Oh, and there was the cutest little eleven week old Jackawauwau called Aubin said "a big name for a little dog". We all had to stop ourselves from making high pitched squeaks and aaawhs (we failed).

Thursday, 28 February 2013


We are celebrating the owls 3rd birthday!!!

If we hit 300 likes on our page on facebook.. all your names will be put into a lucky draw and three of you lucky folk will win some owl freebies!!!!

First name drawn will win a Mrs Tweet & Mr Twoo of their choice (worth £25) and two runners up will win one of owl needle cases in the image below (worth £10).

Just head over to my page, hit 'like' at the top of the page and spread the word. GOOD LUCK!!

The owls are excited about going to a new home!

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Creative 7:7

Apologies for the late post on the last section of my Creative 7 week.  Luke and I went to the cinema on Thursday night and then my internet refused to work yesterday so here goes....


In the photograph above are the fantastic ladies behind Smart Consultants, one of the leading art agencies currently in Scotland. (Sally Moir, Margaretha Simpson, Claire Bruce)

Running exhibitions at The Foyer Gallery and at their new premises, The Smart Gallery, and also creating fantastic projects like Fabric of the Land and Tea Cosy...they are incredibly professional, supportive and creative. 

I wouldn't be doing what I am now if it wasn't for these quines.  I have grown so much in confidence in my work since the first Tea Cosy event back in 2009 and I owe so much of that confidence to the advice and support given to me by them.  They put 110% into supporting local artists and are always ready with a friendly welcome and a hug.  They are down to earth and are just, frankly, sooper dooper human beings!!!

Thank you lovely ladies for introducing me to some wonderful artists and allowing me to be part of the creative circle within the Aberdeen area.  I am so grateful for everything you have done for me.

I am sure that they will continue to go from strength to strength.

 We are SMART Consultants | Aberdeen-Scotland | Gallery | Art Events | Creative Solutions | Art Agency | Projects | Art Consultancy | Curation | Exhibition-Collections installation | Pubications | Design | Project Management | Specialist Craft Projects | Exclusive Artwork Leasing-Workshops | Gallery | Meeting Room | Corporate Events-Meeting-Drink ReceptionsWe are SMART Consultants | Aberdeen-Scotland | Gallery | Art Events | Creative Solutions | Art Agency | Projects | Art Consultancy | Curation | Exhibition-Collections installation | Pubications | Design | Project Management | Specialist Craft Projects | Exclusive Artwork Leasing-Workshops | Gallery | Meeting Room | Corporate Events-Meeting-Drink ReceptionsWe are SMART Consultants | Aberdeen-Scotland | Gallery | Art Events | Creative Solutions | Art Agency | Projects | Art Consultancy | Curation | Exhibition-Collections installation | Pubications | Design | Project Management | Specialist Craft Projects | Exclusive Artwork Leasing-Workshops | Gallery | Meeting Room | Corporate Events-Meeting-Drink Receptions

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Creative 7:6


If you're looking for that stand out piece of jewellery....look no further than Anne Marquiss. 

Her silver work is as quirky and unique as her..(Anne always looks amazing, so jealous of her style!!
The jewellery pieces that Anne creates are bold, truly individual, stunning and they are definately a once in a lifetime buy.  The small luxury finishes of pearls and leather contrast yet compliment the textures that are rich and edgy; creating some beautiful wearable art.

Go on, treat yourself.  They are worth EVERY penny and you will stand out from the crowd for sure.  Be bold.  Keep the outfit simple and let the jewellery do all the talking.


Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Creative 7:5


One hidden gem in the north east of Scotland is the folk-hard rock band Sons o' the Soil.  I class them as a hidden gem as they seem to disappear for some time, return and disappear again.  It's understandable however, that due to work, it can be hard for them to stay completely commited to the band.  It's a shame because they are awesome and even better live.  Mixing traditional scottish instruments like the accordion and fiddle in with some good old rock vibes is a recipe of brilliance.  Gordy Strathdee has a rough-around-the-edges raw rock voice which is strangely complimented by the harmonies of his daughter, Jo's, sweet and soulful voice.

Two of my friends, Amy Steele and Anthony Spencer are in the band (Amy playing the fiddle and Tony playing the cello) who are incredibly talented musicians, as are the entire band.  If you ever get the chance to see them's well worth it (best chance is usually at the Speyfest music festival).  With local friends and fans guaranteed to be in the crowd, it's a great atmosphere and as I said...the music is even better live than on the recordings. 

"When The Light Hits The Day" is one of my all time favourite songs.

Monday, 11 February 2013

Creative 7:4


I adore the work of Small Stories, aka, Gabrielle Reith.  Gabi's illustrations are b-e-a-oootiful, full of fun and frankly, magical.  Each one tells a story (folklore/fairytale) and what makes me love her work more is that she reflects and supports the Doric dialect of the north east of Scotland.

I always wish that my drawings could transform into something as spectacular as Gabi's creations.  Alas, it never has or will.

Her cut and sew tea towels are also genius and I am lusting after the owl and the pussycat cushions (see below).  Illustrations with a comfy purpose...... need, need, need this in my life!  Some folk would say that there is a fine line between what's designed for children and for adults but I see Gabi's designs fitting perfectly in both worlds (who really wants to grow up anyway?!)  I would quite happily fill my house with an extreme amount of Gabi's drawings and wooden jewellery.


Sunday, 10 February 2013

Creative 7:3



It only seemed appropriate to focus on Flyboy Film Productions tonight mainly because of the BAFTA's.  The specific reason why is that I got very, very, veeeery excited at the fact that the Best Sound Award went to the team at Les Miserables. Why? I hear you ask. Well, I am incredibly proud to say that my friend, Duncan Craig, an original team member of Flyboy, was the sound trainee on that very team.  I have one response....


As I said....super proud!!!

I am priviliged to say that I was part of this team back in the good old days at University, when it all started as a vision from John Fairfield and Ailsa Lawson.  Since then, it has went from strength to strength and their dedication to showcasing such wonderful talent, based in Scotland, is inspiring.  If you are a young filmmaker wanting to know what it's all really about..check them out.  Their vision and dedication to their shorts is outstanding and they deserve recognition for that.

A team of super talented filmmakers - John, Ailsa, Matt Cameron, Ian Forbes, etc - are a force that work seamlessly with each other.  Having personally seen them work together, I myself have witnessed how this team supports and brings the best out of each other.  All the best to them in the future (I just wish they would remember that I no longer live in the sticks anymore...I seriously miss capturing the moments that they create).

Below is one of my favourite shorts, Feet for Hands, created by Ian Forbes and the rest of the Flyboy team.
Check out more of their work at

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Creative 7:2


 Photo: Louise Carnegie  

Helen Ruth Scarves, aka, Helen Greensmith creates the most stunning scarves I have ever laid my eyes on. 

Anyone that knows me will know that I have an absolute obssession with scarves..they are what can complete any outfit in this fantastically cold country.  And no outfit has really been complete because I still do not own one of Helen's creations (I am planning on buying one very, very soon...I just can't decide which one I want more!!!)

I don't think words are needed...just look at them!!! Her illustrations are so intricate, vibrant and full of an "Alice in Wonderland", well, wonder.

Go on, your wardrobe will never forgive you if you don't.

Ps. pick up a wee handkerchief for your mister too


Photo: Mnemonic Photography

Friday, 8 February 2013

Creative 7:1


I had to start with A Wooden Tree, aka, Kirsty Anderson.

Kirsty is an inspiration... As you can see above her work is faaaaaantastic. Using reclaimed fabrics, she creates new lovely jubbily creatures out of granny's old curtains and table covers, etc.  With a vintage style, her works are timeless, quirky and like her, down to earth. 

No home is a home without something from A Wooden Tree (pretty sure I have at least four items). 

We first met at the first ever Tea Cosy event back in 2009 and I was lucky enough to be asked to exhibit alongside Kirsty at the Foyer Gallery in Aberdeen.  

I have majorly grown in confidence with my own work since then and Kirsty has always been there to answer my continuously worried and silly questions and supported me.  I will always respect her for that.  
Check her out at

Creative 7

Anyone that knows me knows that I am one pessimistic creature.  
Self promotion and I = oil and water = danger

To give you an example...  

When people ask me what I make, my typical response is ''stuff'' ....

oh dear.

What I'm good at is loving other people's work so that's what I'm going to do for the next seven days is ooooo and aaaaaa about some lovely folks work that I know and love.


Saturday, 12 January 2013


Just a sneaky peek into a project I'm involved with.
My superdooper friend, Kat Koch, is the art liason for TOMS and I'm lucky enough to be working with her on the Art of Giving tour.

It's opening this Friday 16th at the Whitespace Gallery in Edinburgh. Each artist has been given a pair of shoes and glasses to design using the concept of giving as inspiration. The artworks will be auctioned for charity.
So excited and so proud of myself for putting myself way out of my comfort zone and facing a challenge.
Many thanks to Kat for the opportunity <3

Saturday, 5 January 2013


Happy New Year folks!

So it was a quiet night for Luke and I. 
After both working in the pub last year, an evening consisting of one glass of wine, one gin, a walk to see the fireworks and jools holland seemed perfect.

The past year has had lots of ups and downs but I have severely neglected my crafts. I have decided to kick my fear of failure in the backside...

1.New ideas are in the making
2. Shops will soon be contacted (even after my previous experience with Edinburgh retailers)
3. Very excited but blooming petrified (aka, in panic mode)... Taking part in a TOMS exhibition at the Whitespace gallery this month. Will tell more soon.