Sunday, 10 February 2013

Creative 7:3



It only seemed appropriate to focus on Flyboy Film Productions tonight mainly because of the BAFTA's.  The specific reason why is that I got very, very, veeeery excited at the fact that the Best Sound Award went to the team at Les Miserables. Why? I hear you ask. Well, I am incredibly proud to say that my friend, Duncan Craig, an original team member of Flyboy, was the sound trainee on that very team.  I have one response....


As I said....super proud!!!

I am priviliged to say that I was part of this team back in the good old days at University, when it all started as a vision from John Fairfield and Ailsa Lawson.  Since then, it has went from strength to strength and their dedication to showcasing such wonderful talent, based in Scotland, is inspiring.  If you are a young filmmaker wanting to know what it's all really about..check them out.  Their vision and dedication to their shorts is outstanding and they deserve recognition for that.

A team of super talented filmmakers - John, Ailsa, Matt Cameron, Ian Forbes, etc - are a force that work seamlessly with each other.  Having personally seen them work together, I myself have witnessed how this team supports and brings the best out of each other.  All the best to them in the future (I just wish they would remember that I no longer live in the sticks anymore...I seriously miss capturing the moments that they create).

Below is one of my favourite shorts, Feet for Hands, created by Ian Forbes and the rest of the Flyboy team.
Check out more of their work at

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