Thursday, 6 January 2011

New Year....Get Going

This fine and chilly evening I found myself waiting for an email from my lovely friend in Dundee, Nicola to fill in the time I managed to hunt down her blog.  I now find myself sitting in my house, as per usual, doing nothing. Nothing.  

Cut to the chase - maybe it's time to get active with the artwork again.  I've got into an awfully bad habit of talking and not doing (habit of a lifetime) and it's got to stop.  I felt awful looking at my friends blog to see how much work and different disciplines she seems to be getting on with...and is AMAZING at all of them and here I am...sitting, waiting, watching paint dry (if I were watching actual paint least it would mean I was doing something).  Time to stop being so negative before I get started, pick up my boots and get a life.

So thank you to Nicola for making me jealous.

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